The "Shoshie-ing" Bracelets

One of the ways to keep Shoshie's light shining is to get & wear a "Shoshie-ing" Bracelet - the wrist bracelets promote the message of "Be Positive & Keep Shoshie-ing" and also have the website address for Shoshie's official memorial website - Available in Large (Adults) or Small (Kids) sizes & a variety of colors - help us keep Shoshie's message of Being Positive in the world.

The bracelets are $3.00 each with a shipping charge of $3.50. All proceeds go to the Shoshie Stern Memorial Foundation.

Images of Shoshie-ing Bracelets

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Adults or Kids?
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With Love By Her Friend Basi Lyons

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    • This website serves as a memorial to a fine young Jewish lady - Shoshana Stern A'H - who was taken from her family, friends and community in April 2013. The website is being developed by and is dedicated with love by her friend Basi Lyons and her family.

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